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Tomas has a long-held passion for garden design. From the initial idea and sketch on paper, through to completion, he enjoys the challenge of “making something out of nothing” and delivering the “wow factor” to a happy customer.

A particular speciality is making the most of small back gardens. Whether you use your outdoor space for entertaining, as a children’s play area, for simply relaxing or as a mixture of all three, we will work with you to maximise your garden’s potential. No matter if it’s north or south facing, we will take the natural conditions into consideration. The garden’s aspect in relation to weather conditions and the nature of the soil are factored in to ensure that any planting work is easily maintained and ultimately successful.

We will work with your garden’s physical conditions to help you achieve what you need from your outdoor spaces.

Current trends in garden design

  • Natural children’s play areas
  • Low maintenance, but aesthetically appealing
  • Outdoor rooms – valuable to homeowners with limited space – can be constructed with minimal disruption to the household and have a variety of uses

This is how Grow & Glow installs an artificial lawns:

If you’d like to see some green in your garden, we can also construct a lawn, utilising roll-out grass or artificial grass, according to the drainage conditions of the site.

Fencing :

Fencing is an important part of garden design. There are many types of modern fencing.  We at Grow & Glow can suggest a style and aesthetic that works best for you taking into account the boundary size and dimensions of your property.

Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery