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Lawns are a speciality at Grow & Glow. No garden is complete without a lawn. Tomas draws on many years of experience and expertise as a green keeping. From the initial design of this space, to preparing the ground and seeding it, we can create the perfect lawn for your family’s needs. We take into account where you wish to place it, its shape and size and how you’d like to border it – with plants, trees or shrubs. The finished result is a sustainable lawn that will continue to thrive for you and your family, year after year.

Lawn upkeep :

We can help you ensure that your lawn stays looking its optimum and your green area stays looking green.

Drainage is a major factor in our damp Irish climate and we have particular expertise in this area. Poor lawn drainage after a heavy rainfall can actually kill the roots of plants and create an environment for fungus and rot to take hold, so drainage is a vital component to consider in order to ensure that the investment of time and money in your garden doesn’t go to waste. We assess the existing soil type before planting the lawn, as well as how the site slopes, as these factors will dictate whether the site will become waterlogged. For example, if your garden is situated at the bottom of a hill, or if you or your neighbours have added anything with deep footings like a new extension, this can cause ground to flood. However, there are a number of measures that can be taken to combat drainage issues and we will take all factors into consideration.

Dealing with moss!

Most garden owners have problems at some stage with moss, which is inclined to grow on lawns and ruin the look of the lawn, giving it a loose, spongey or uneven surface. Moss growth compromises the health of the lawn. The main causes of moss growth are poor drainage and low grass vigour. Both these factors need to be improved once the moss is eradicated, otherwise the moss will grow again and you will be back to square one.

At Grow & Glow, we offers an effective moss removal programme whereby iron sulphate is laid down to weaken the moss. The lawn itself is reseeded and revitalised. Tip: when the new grass comes through, it should be kept short!

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Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery