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Grow & Glow offers a range of tree surgery services for small trees, including removing small trees and shrubs as required, transplanting, topiary and grooming and shaping of foliage and branches.

Often a tree may have to be removed from a garden or grounds because it is diseased or dying or because it is a safety hazard. Or it may be necessary to have the tree removed in order to facilitate building or extension work.

Tree transplanting :

Transplanting is best carried out in the month of November, when deciduous trees have lost their leaves and can be more easily moved. If trees are transplanted in the winter, they have a chance to establish their roots before growth resumes in spring.

Topiary and architectural plants, such as bay, olive and cherry trees and Japanese Cloud trees bring depth, blossom and fragrance to an outdoor space. Grow & Glow can plant these according to your garden’s natural inclination and help you maintain them.

Tree shaping is a critical maintenance technique to ensure trees stay healthy. Guiding growth towards healthy foliage is paramount, as over bushiness can reduce flowering and invite fungal disease. We can advise you on the best approach for tree maintenance.

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Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery