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Garden design

A particular speciality is making the most of small back gardens. Whether you use your outdoor space for entertaining, as a children’s play area, for simply relaxing or as a mixture of all three, we will work with you to maximise your garden’s potential. No matter if it’s north or south facing, we will take the natural conditions into consideration. The garden’s aspect in relation to weather conditions and the nature of the soil are factored in to ensure that any planting work is easily maintained and ultimately successful.

Lawn care and drainage

Lawns are a speciality at Grow & Glow. No garden is complete without a lawn. Tomas draws on many years of experience and expertise as a green keeping. From the initial design of this space, to preparing the ground and seeding it, we can create the perfect lawn for your family’s needs. We take into account where you wish to place it, its shape and size and how you’d like to border it – with plants, trees or shrubs. The finished result is a sustainable lawn that will continue to thrive for you and your family, year after year.

Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery
Patios and paving

Installing a patio is the ideal way to ensure you get the most out of your garden especially in the summer months when you are more likely to be entertaining outdoors and dining al fresco. A paved area and/or patio can also lift a tired garden and really add texture and interest to an outdoor space.Whether it is steps to a raised patio, paving to a shed, house or suntrap, or a small area for barbequing that you have in mind, we can advise you on what would suit best taking into consideration the unpredictable nature of the Irish weather, the aesthetic of the rest of the garden space, its size, shape and layout, and then of course create it.


Grow & Glow provides a comprehensive service for commercial clients such as residential landlords, hotels, housing estates, crèches, supermarkets and petrol stations, among many others. Tomas brings his professional ethos to each job. His aim is to keep disruption to an absolute minimum by carrying out work at times that suit the needs of business owners or residents. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer and our meticulous approach, we will ensure your grounds are an attractive feature of your commercial property and that they continue to do your business justice.

Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery
Small tree surgery

Grow & Glow offers a range of tree surgery services for small trees, including removing small trees and shrubs as required, transplanting, topiary and grooming and shaping of foliage and branches.

Often a tree may have to be removed from a garden or grounds because it is diseased or dying or because it is a safety hazard. Or it may be necessary to have the tree removed in order to facilitate building or extension work.

Maintenance and clean up

Grow & Glow offers thorough and comprehensive maintenance and clean up services for household gardens and commercial properties. An initial assessment will ascertain your individual requirements.

We will facilitate power-washing of pathways and paved areas, leaf blowing where needed, trimming back shrubbery and hedges, as well as grass cutting. Doing all this work coming into the summer months will pay off as you maximise the enjoyment you get from your outdoor space.

Grow and Glow Gallery
Grow and Glow Gallery
Artificial grass

Choosing artificial grass for your garden, instead of going with the option of seeding, turfing and maintaining your own natural lawn, has lots of advantages, particularly for smaller back gardens. The artificial lawn has become very popular in Ireland over the last number of years. It is endlessly durable and there is no maintenance required. Children and pets can play on it in all types of weather without fear of getting covered in mud. Your artificial lawn will be free from waterlogging, moss growth and drainage issues.